Design & Enjoy!

With this week being so high-octane, I barely had time to post! Our Robot Designers have done some truly amazing work this week. Many of them never having touched LEGO Mindstorms before had fully function robots. These designers programmed fully autonomous and remote-controlled robots.

While each design challenge contributed to their robots (Lifters, pushers, gearing and sensors), the ultimate goal was to create a perfect Sumo Bot (Think Battlebots but less fire and more pushing and lifting).

Without having access to saws and flames and other utilities that Robot Designers have, our designers had to think out side the box if they wanted to overcome their opponent. In the end we all had a blast and I can tell you that one day, every single one of these inventors could have a fully designed robot of their own!

Have a great rest of your Summer everyone! Thanks to those who participated in our camps; those of you who are checking us out for the first time, jump in for a camp next summer or a workshop this fall, it will be a blast!