If you solder, they will come!

What a way to start the day, explaining how we light up our world in the 21st Century. Now normally most of our campers wouldn't be interested in a light bulb, but what if you broke each light source down to it's unique properties?

For the majority of the day we spent time explaining how halogen lights work differently than LEDs, and what the benefits and downsides of both are. From there we found unique ways to use these different light sources. From making (soon to be) solar ovens, and testing them with a halogen light; to using LEDs to dress up otherwise static images, and from there, learning to solder.

Soldering, in my opinion, is a fantastic life skill. From bikes, cars, and electrical wiring to everything in-between, soldering can be used for repairs. The other truth is that soldering is just plain fun. Melting metals to act as a kind of conductive glue is pretty cool, and for one of our campers to convert a metal to a liquid, and then back again, is pretty incredible.

Today we combined origami, circuitry and soldering to make some amazing STEM based crafts. What is even more amazing is that your son/daughter will be able to take the skills they learned today and apply them to the rest of their lives!

Before soldering

After solder has been applied

If you know WMSI, you know we always end everything with a wow factor, so how about a fire-breathing dragon?