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April 23rd - 24th

9AM - 2PM

For students ages 8-13 •


About: With the opportunity to explore new worlds and face unique challenges in a team, this two day Minecraft vacation camp is designed to excite and inspire participants about creative problem solving! Challenges will include interactive group character movement through obstacles, survival group builds, craft-a-thons, resource challenges, and much more! Participants will also get to code basic games and structures in Minecraft using Python, a clever text-based programming language! At the end of our two days, participants will walk away with a fun-filled experience including exposure to text-based programming, group resource sharing, circuitry fun, and much more!

Young Makers at Sea-logo-black.png

April 24th - 25th

9AM - 12PM

For students ages 5-8 Littleton

About: Think ocean, think engineering! In this 2-day camp during April Vacation, we’ll cast off and explore some fun and engaging maker challenges that one might encounter while out at sea! We’ll design some (model) boats, create and animate stories about our favorite adventures on the high seas, and engineer creative solutions for challenges above, on, or underneath the ocean! Join us at WMSI for this unique camp experience, using all of our favorite maker tools in new creative and exciting ways!


May 7th

3:30PM - 5PM

  For students ages 8 - 13 • Littleton

About: Join us for the first of our After School Workshops @ WMSI. At our new space in Littleton, we’ll explore the world of Minecraft and learn the importance of sharing resources while working towards a common goal. Come and enjoy some Minecraft after school with WMSI. We’ll design intricate rooms, allocate resources to build a common house, and wrap up the afternoon with a thrilling survival challenge!!



May 21st

3:30PM - 5PM

For students ages 8 -13 • Littleton

About: In this After School Workshop @ WMSI, we’ll use Makey Makey to create fully-interactive maps and visualizations of your favorite stories! Learn how to truly bring your favorite stories to life by adding exciting animations, character representations, and interactive maps of their fantastic and imaginative settings!



June 4th

3:30PM - 5PM

For students ages 8-13Littleton

About: For our last After School Workshop @ WMSI of this school year, students will use everyday materials to complete an exciting maker challenge! After a brief introduction and design constraints, we’ll use the engineering process to design and make solutions to a simple problem! We’ll watch in amazement as we examine the variety of different solutions we all crafted for the same problem!



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Camp Staff: WMSI staff share a passion and happy enthusiasm for designing and implementing student centered, project based STEM lessons. WMSI staff have strong backgrounds in education, science, and engineering with undergraduate, graduate, and significant work experience in the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Experiential education

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Meteorology

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Programming

  • Systems design

Camp College/Highschool Instructors: WMSI trains highschool and college students to assist with instruction for all of our camps. These instructors gain valuable experience in leadership and group facillitation while also providing mentorship to your children. 

What a Camp Looks Like: In a WMSI camp we provide your children with access to resources, hands-on instruction with project based lessons, and a place to brainstorm and create engaging projects. Camps are also designed to get children excited about projects at home, with lots of helpful links and helpful pictures sent to parents at the end of each day!